Archives of Clinical Microbiology Insight Medical Publishing is entirely committed to provide the most accurate and innovative source of online learning, transforming and advancing science, health and technology. For science to function effectively, and for society to reap full benefits from scientific endeavors, it is crucial that science data be made open. Thus, we work on the open-access, author- pay model and provide peer-reviewed content with the support of lead researchers and thinkers in the cadre. Insight Medical Publishing holds comprehensive journals in its archive and shares a proactive approach to give an efficient and effective output to enhance their credibility. Formed in 2005, is appreciated today for delivering the most relevant and outstanding science to the scientists, researchers and general masses from then. Archives of Clinical Microbiology Volume 11, Issue 1 https:/ Clinical Profile of Adult Patients Suffering from Scrub Typhus in Kasturba Hospital Wardha Central India A Study of 125 Patients pNeeraj Dodake, Jain AP and Mansee Bhagatnbspp https:/ Efficacy of Chewing Sticks Extract on the Agent of Dental Carries Isolates pAdeoti OM, Adedoja SA, Adedokun EO, Olaoye OJ, Abiola AO and Okesipe FOp https:/ Prevalence of Community Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage among Children of Consultation Experience of a Moroccan University Hospital pEddyb S, Aboudourib M, Azzouzi F, Quiddi W, Akhdari N, Amal S, Soraa Nnbspand Hocar Onbspp https:/ Study of E coli Pathogens Causing Intestinal Infections and Use of Bacteriophage PreparationColi Phage pTaras Gabisonia, Manana Loladze, Maia Zarnadze, Nino Kekenadze, Mariam Lomidze, Natia Tamarashvili, Giorgi Gabisonia, Teimuraz Beridze, Mariam Pkhaladze, Robert Mirzikashvili and Irakli Chkhetianbspp https:/ The Comparison Detection of Cytokines IL6 and IL12 from Spleen Cells and Serums in Balbc Mice after Immunization with Killed P multocida Vaccines Coformulated with Bacterial DNAs as Adjuvant pMaryam Homayoon, Yahya Tahamtannbspand Mohammad Kargarnbspp https:/ Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii IgG and IgM Antibodies and Associated Risks Factors in Tuberculosis Patients Admitted at the Bamenda Regional Hospital NW Cameroon pNoubom Michel, Leonard Fonkeng Sama, Oulianovie Guessom Kamgue, Valery Pacome Tchenkam, Elvis Chongsi Wamnbspand Tume Christopher Bp https:/ MultiDrug Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus from Pediatric ward General Hospital IkotEkpaw Mkpat Enin LGA AkwaIbom State Nigeria pIbanga IA, Akan OD, Uyanga FZ, Mantu ECnbspand Asuquo Mnbspp